Post Schedule 8-14 August

Randy Allen - Post Adjutant - 8/8/2022

 Monday August 8: Open 12-Close    12-2pm Lunch

Tuesday August 9: Open 12-Close     12-2pm Lunch

Wednesday August 10: Open 12-Close    12-2pm Lunch    6pm Bar Bingo  free food and please feel free to bring in a dish if you would like!

Thursday August 11: Open 12-Close     12-2pm  Lunch
Cornhole hole blind draw signups 6pm bags fly at 7pm  Chicken wings and fries available 5:30-7:30

Friday August 12: Open 12-Close   12-2pm  Lunch

Saturday August 13:  Open 2-Close  5:30-7:30  Seafood or grilled chicken salad with Treasure Island salad dressing.

Sunday August 14:   Open 12-Close Car cruise in 1-5pm   Pork chops on grill served with potato salad, baked beans, and chips will be available outside. See Flyer

Upcoming Events:
Saturday August 20  Breakfast 9-12   Cornhole Tournament: sign ups 10am bags fly 11am