Closing time reminder from the Senior Vice

Randy Allen - Post Adjutant - 1/10/2023

Some people have been complaining about canteen closing hours.
This is a reminder that the house committee has given the bartender on duty authority to close at their discretion based on the amount of customers left in the canteen, know that people are finished drinking and will be leaving soon, or bad weather conditions.
The bartender has to have enough time to do their closing duties before leaving with the last customers left in the building.
A bartender should never be left alone in the canteen at closing time.
The bartender will not show favoritism to their friends and stay open with only a few people left in the canteen.
No member or guest should question the bartender and their decision.
If you have a complaint then please bring it to myself or the commander and we can have a meeting with the house committee to address your complaint.
The bartenders have enough things to do without having customers harassing them about when they are closing the canteen.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know and I can invite you to the next house committee meeting to discuss.


Larry Burchfield

Senior Vice